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The Art of Deception - Nora Roberts I was disappointed by my last two books so I decided to return to an old favorite who I knew would give me a quick, romantic, easy read and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m a pretty big fan of Nora Roberts because I think she does romance without being trashy and every girl could use more romance in her life (trashy has its place as well.) Side note: two of my favorite romance series are Roberts’ Bride Quartet and the Inn Boonsboro trilogy. Check them out! This novel introduces us to the feisty Kirby, the mysterious Adam, and the lovable Fairchild. The latter may be at the top of my list of favorite characters. He is adoring, quirky, brilliant, and hilarious. He may be why I liked this book so much. All three main characters are artists who live in a “world of restrained wealthy where champagne fizzed quietly and dignity was an essential as the proper alma mater.” There is a certain level of intrigue and mystery to this love story and the dialogue is full of witty banter and biting sarcasm. Sure, there were parts that were predictable but I found myself surprised by at least one twist. The only thing that bothered me a little was the point of view would change rapidly from focusing on one character for a long period of time to another with very little warning. I caught myself doing a couple double takes to figure out who was thinking/talking. Overall, this book was a very entertaining, quick read. P. 168