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I have to admit it took me a few days to process this book because otherwise, this entire review would just be me gushing about how you should read this book. Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely read this book! But I can finally form some sort of review around my gushing. This book was beautiful! The relationships, the characters, the story, I loved it all.

Where to begin? Oh, I know! Augustus Waters. Good ole Gus is probably 10 years younger than me but I may or may not have a crush on him. What a cool kid! He has a unique view of the world that only his illness could give him and instead of becoming angry and beaten, he reframes everything into very cool metaphors. Plus, he sees all that is amazing in Hazel Grace. Now, Hazel. This girl is snarky, and sarcastic, and cynical, but she is genuine and funny and honest. I have a girl crush on her! She has a realistic view of her illness but she has not let it keep her from looking for the good in people and life. The love story between these two is beautiful. Gus likes Hazel for her personality and her brains and her sarcasm but he also recognizes that she is beautiful. He helps Hazel see that she is beautiful despite her illness. The witty repertoire they have is endearing and entertaining. John Green did a great job of creating a young adult romance without the insta-love crap and makes it cool to have a personality and individuality as a teenager again. I love it!

Yes, this book is sad, and yes, I cried but it is so much more than that. THis is a coming of age novel with two teens who were told at a very young age that they may not make it to the point where they had to “come of age.” This is a love story in the best way that makes you fall in love with both people and understand the attraction between them. If you don’t read any other novels reviewed on this blog, do me a favor, and please read this one. Thank me later.