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I was dragged through many different emotions while reading this book. Initially, I was very interested in the story line and thought it had great potential. It didn’t take long for me to become a little annoyed with the main characters. Tully is the rebellious one with a mother who is a drug addict who constantly let her down while she was growing up. Katie is the perfect overachiever who doesn’t realize how good she has it. Somehow, these two complete opposites meet on their street, Firefly Lane, and become lifelong friends (a little farfetched but I’ll go with it.) As the main characters were developed, it bothered me how extreme in their different personalities they were and it became predictable. Katie is going to play the victim and Tully is going to be selfish. The overall theme of this book seemed to be “the grass is always greener.”

Even though they are best friends, they are both very wrapped up in their own lives and never seem to take the time to consider what it must be like for the other one. Throughout the book they show they care in various ways like showing up when they need each other or calling each other on their crap but at moments it seemed superficial. It took me a long time to connect with these characters but about halfway through the book, the author hooked me. I felt like the second half of the book began to pull on the heart strings and address real topics that families face. I’ll admit, by the end of the book, the tears were streaming. I think I would rate the first half of this book a 3 but the second half a 4. Even though the characters irked me at times, I enjoyed seeing their lives play out. Since my lasting impression will be enjoying the end of the book, I’m going with an overall rating of 4/5.
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