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Double Crossed: A Spies and Thieves Story - Ally Carter This is a very short novella that has a good basis for a book but very poor development. I'm not familiar with Ally Carter's work and I tend to feel a little gypped when it comes to novellas but this book left me with more questions than answers. I think Macey and Hale are two very unique characters that obviously have interesting backgrounds but we are never privy to what those backgrounds are. We hear a little about Macey's "school" but have no idea what type of school it is or how she was recruited for it. We hear a little about Hale and some of his past heists but that's about it. I think the basis of these characters are intriguing but the book left a lot to be desired. It was hard to follow some of the story because things jumped around a bit. One thing I did enjoy, the story was not predictable when it came to the love/relationship aspect. In novellas like this, one usually assumes the male and female leads will develop a romantic relationship but that's not the case in Double Crossed. It actually seems like the main characters begin to develop a professional respect for one another and their unique skills but we never get to find out where that leads. Overall, this was an interesting read but I wish it would have been a full story rather than just a novella. p. 44