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Little Island - Katharine Britton I really liked this book and definitely recommend it! This story takes us to a lovely inn in Main run by the Littles. The setting was idyllic and I connected with it personally because it made me think of my family's vacation home. I could picture myself sitting on the Adirondack chairs and enjoying the breeze coming of the water. While the setting is ideal, the Littles' lives and history are not. The Littles' lives changed 20 years ago when the twins were in a car accident that killed a family friend. This event sent their lives spiraling into different directions and Little Island allows us to see how this event affected the family 20 years later. As the story progresses, little secrets (no pun intended) are slowly revealed, which change the view of the past greatly. I enjoyed hearing how each family member saw and interpreted things differently and how it affected them in their own ways. I loved the ending and the hope it signified for future changes as well as the possibility for mending broken hearts and relationships. If you are looking for a good book with some interesting turns, I would recommend checking out Katharine Britton's Little Island. p.310